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A will can help you; provide for your loved ones when you are no longer there to support them, use your remaining finances to help others with theirs, or ensure that your estate is not subjected to paying more inheritance tax than it should do. Although death is something most people do not like to think about, it is important that the decision of what happens to your money, property, businesses and possessions when you pass away is made by yourself. At Lawson Taylor our solicitors are experts in helping people make a will and advising on the issues surrounding this process.

Issues When Making a Will

The most important aspect of having a will is ensuring that you decide what happens to your estate. Without a will, it will be passed on according to the law and end up going to people or places that you may not wish it to. There are various issues that you need to consider during this process, such as the distribution of your estate amongst your children. You may believe that one of your children needs or deserves more of your estate than another. If you are in unmarried couple you can ensure that your partner is provided for. And if you are divorced you can decide whether your former partner is left with anything.

We will also advise you on how to keep it up to date. You should review your will every five years and after every major event in your life, such as a marriage, separation, birth of a child, moving house etc. Another service we offer is helping you set up a lasting power of attorney – a person who will represent or act on your behalf should you become unable to conduct your own affairs. We also offer representation and advice if you wish to contest a will that you believe has been changed or has not seen you receive what you were expecting.

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